Dragon Mama @ Cafe Nordo (Seattle – Pioneer Square)

January 30, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

By Sara Porkalob

How does a Dragon earn her wings? Maria Porkalob, Jr., yearns for a gayer, more POC-filled life than Bremerton, WA, can offer. When presented with an opportunity to make a quick fortune, Maria must make an important decision: leave her debt-ridden mother, four young siblings, and newborn daughter Sara for the wild unknown of Alaska, or stay close to home, family, and intergenerational trauma.

Traversing 25 years filled with queer love in a barren land, Dragon Mama features ghosts, Filipino gangsters, and a dope ‘80s and ‘90s soundtrack.

Ten tickets each night are designated as Community Tickets: Discounted tickets designed to make art more accessible. Created and available for students, artists, BIPOC, and anyone for whom the higher ticket price is a barrier.

Optional: Add a pre-show dinner in The Knife Room at Nordo, by Chef Aaron Verzosa of Archipelago. (Note: The Knife Room is not wheelchair accessible and is only reachable by stairs.)

Tickets ($25-$50, sliding scale) here.