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Want to keep NWTheatre’s operations going strong?
We’re happy to provide listings free of charge, without any pay-to-play arrangements. But we’d love your financial support while putting an extra spotlight on your company’s work.
Read on for a few ways to do that.
To discuss availability or any specific ideas or questions, please contact us.


Placement Options & Rates 

Pricing may increase during the peak holiday and future seasons. Early advertisers receive the very best deals and availability for those seasons. 

Banner Ad (submit as 728 x 80 pixels) — $180 first week, $120 extra weeks (maximum of 4 weeks)
Note: The banner ad is fully reserved through mid-2024. For banner placements in the latter part of 2024, please inquire about specific dates ASAP. Rates may increase during peak seasons (e.g. holiday). 

Top of the Sidebar (submit as 400 x 300 pixels) — $90 first week, $50 extra week
Note: Please contact early to reserve; rates may increase during peak seasons (e.g. holiday). 

Lower Sidebar Ad (submit as 400 x 300 pixels or 400 x 225 pixels) — pay-what-you-choose basis (suggested amount: $20/week)

Top placements include additional banner-size image placement within NWTheatre’s Weekly Roundup, at no added cost.  

Planning for the season? Please contact us about longer-term planning or your unique goals and needs. 


Banner Ad: Top Real Estate 

The banner is the first to reach visitors on NWTheatre’s home page, and it’ll be the same across other key pages, too — performance calendar, reviews, and more. And unlike other sites, here your ad does not rotate with others: once you reserve that spot, it’s yours, for the time period (a week or more) you’ve reserved it.

There is only one banner ad, so act fast to reserve your spot. 


Top of the Sidebar: Great Real Estate 

The top sidebar ads are prominent eye-catchers for visitors on NWTheatre’s home page, and they’ll be the same across other key pages, too — performance calendar, reviews, and more. And unlike other sites, here your ad does not rotate with others.

This set of ads appears above anything else in the sidebar (on computer view), or above everything else in the lower section (mobile view). This set will be limited to 4-6 ads, at most, at a time. 


Pay-What-You-Choose Sidebar Ads   

Advertising on NWTheatre is designed to be accessible to all sizes of shows, and all budget levels. For that reason, NWT offers the option of pay-what-you-choose ads in the lower sidebar, to any company with which NWT has an existing relationship. As with the other ads, your ad does not rotate with others and is designed to be eye-catching and allow your show to stand out to site visitors.



General Parameters 

All ads should abide by a general good neighbor standard — e.g., truthful and accurate in content; clear and artistic in design; reasonably appropriate for all audiences; and not disparaging of any people, groups, or other companies. NWTheatre retains the right to refuse any ad, for those or any other concerns, in its sole discretion. Links should go to a working, safe link, to a site over which the advertiser (company) has control.  Ads should be easy to read for visitors and should, for example, avoid very loud colors, small text, and script fonts. NWTheatre will do its very best to ensure all ads appear as agreed and intended; but in the event of a technology or human failing, any damages are limited to a refund of advertising price.

Bottom line: NWTheatre values its relationships with theatre companies and the arts community, and will deal in good faith; and expects its advertisers will, too.



Non-Theatre Advertising  

Ads from businesses that are not theatre or dance performance companies will be considered on a limited, case-by-case basis, for certain placements (excluding pay-what-you-choose ads). In general, companies with a longstanding or close relationship to artistic communities will get highest priority. Examples include: restaurants and bars who serve arts communities or events, theatre artists who create other products, film festivals and other arts genres. Please contact NWTheatre with specific inquiries.



Please contact with any questions. As always, we hope we’re providing you with a welcome and valuable service, and thank you for your support!