Venue Accessibility


The below list is intended as a guide and thought to be accurate, but please confirm with the theatre company before making plans or purchasing tickets. Access points, seat locations, and availability can vary.

WCA = Wheelchair accessible (and WCAR for restroom)

GNR = Gender-neutral restroom

. . .

VenueWheelchair Accessible?Gender-Neutral Restroom?LocationAccess PageNotes
5th Avenue TheatreYesYes*SeattleView* GNR (WCA) on main level
12th Avenue ArtsYesYes*Seattle* Only GNR (WCA) requires access code
18th and UnionYes*YesSeattleView* No WCAR; stage WCA with movable ramp
ACT TheatreYesYes*SeattleView* GNRs on 2nd floor
Annex Theatre-YesSeattleSignificant stairs; all GNR
BaseYes*Yes*Seattle* WCA through door on NW side - contact to ensure it's open. Industrial space with uneven surfaces in parts. GNR in north end of building.
Benaroya HallYesYes*SeattleView* GNR on orchestra front level
Cafe Nordo - CulinariumYes*-Seattle* WCA through alley entrance - contact to arrange
Cafe Nordo - Knife Room-YesSeattleSignificant stairs; all GNR
Can Can Culinary CabaretYes*YesSeattleView* Contact to reserve WCA seating in cabaret; all GNR
Center Theatre (Seattle Center House, Armory)Yes-SeattleView
Centerstage TheatreYes-Federal WayView
Cornish PlayhouseYes-SeattleView
Dukesbay Theater--TacomaSignificant stairs
Harlequin ProductionsYesYes*Olympia View* GNR (WCA) near house left
Hughes Penthouse Theatre (UW) YesYes*Seattle* GHR (WCA) on main level, turn right from venue entrance
Jones Playhouse (UW)Yes-Seattle
Langston Hughes Performing Arts InstituteYes*Yes*SeattleView* Historic building. Main entrance (WCA) is on ground level, next to stairs that look like main entrance. GNRs (not WCA) at very top of theatre seating, behind the booth.
McCaw Hall YesYes* Seattle* GNRs (WCA) are single-stall family ones
Meany Center (UW)Yes-SeattleView
Moore TheatreYes*Yes*SeattleView* Historic building. Main floor is WCA; GNR (WCA) up ramp from lobby
Neptune TheatreYes*YesSeattleViewHistoric building. Steep ramps to balcony level; main floor is WCA; WCAR on main level, next to bar; all GNR
On the BoardsYesYesSeattleAll GNR
Paramount TheatreYes*Yes*SeattleView* Historic building. Main level is WCA; significant stairs to other levels; GNR (WCA) on main level near house left
Phoenix Theatre--Edmonds
Red Curtain Foundation Yes-Marysville
Renton Civic TheatreYesYes*Renton* GNR (WCA) on main level, next to bar
Seattle Children's TheatreYesYesSeattleView* GNR in upper lobby
Seattle Public TheaterYesYesSeattleAll GNR
Seattle RepYesYes*SeattleView
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* GNRs (WCA) near Leo K. theatre plus one in main lobby
Seattle Theatre GroupYes*Yes*SeattleMultiple venues; view by individual theatre name for details
SecondStory RepYes-Redmond
Spectrum Dance Theater- *YesSeattle* Significant stairs to venue; GNRs on main level. NOTE: this refers to SDT's home location, but shows are often held at other venues that are WCA
Tacoma Little TheatreYesYesTacoma
Tacoma Musical PlayhouseYes-TacomaView
Taproot TheatreYes*-Seattle* Balcony not WCA
Theatre Off JacksonYes*YesSeattle* WCA through alley entrance - contact to arrange; all GNR
Triple DoorYesYes*Seattle* Contact to reserve WCA seating; GNR (WCA) on main level of theatre
University of WashingtonYes- *SeattleMultiple venues; view by individual theatre name for details
Valley Center StageSome-North Bend
Village Theatre - Everett KidstageYesYes*EverettView* GNR (WCA) on main level
Village Theatre - Everett Performing Arts CenterYes-EverettView
Village Theatre - Issaquah KidstageYes-IssaquahView
Village Theatre - Issaquah mainYes-IssaquahView
West of LeninYes*YesSeattle* Main level WCA but upstairs studio is not; all GNR