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What is NWTheatre Bingo?  


Here’s the (new!) Fall card – pdf

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Summer 2022 pdf / image



Guidelines & stuff

If you like a show, tell your friends! And tell the theatre/company!

If this bingo game got you to see a show and you’re happy about that, tell your friends! And the theatre/company!

No complaining! This is organized on volunteer time, just for you to have fun and for theatres & performers to see your (mostly masked) faces. Any prizes for participation will be thanks to the generosity of our great theatre & dance companies.

Don’t cheat!


What counts

For this first (summer) round, only shows seen between June 1, 2022 and August 31, 2022 [Extended!]  September 15, 2022 

For the (new!) fall round, only shows seen between September 1* and October 31, 2022 (note: can’t use the same production for both summer and fall rounds)  *If you start a few days early (8/25 or later), we’ll allow it. 

For the (next) holidays round, only shows seen between November 1 and December 31, 2022 (note: can’t use the same production for both fall and holidays rounds)

Locations: Only shows seen at venues in Western WA (west of the Cascades; in them & foothills work too)

Genres: Thinking broadly is great. Plays, musicals, readings, short play festivals, full-length dance performances or showcases of shorter works, revues if they’re musical-like.

Online shows count, too! — if it’s a current run by a company that’s based in Western WA. Plenty of great companies here are producing online work or showing online versions of their in-person shows.

New this round: the dot-shaded squares are accompanying activities or characteristics, and CAN be for shows you used on another (non-shaded) square

You can count up to two shows (total) that you had anything to do with — acting, directing, writing, producing, designing, choreographing, stage managing, dramaturg-ing, marketing … anything. And you cannot use one of those shows for space #13. Yay making theatre! Also, go see other people’s stuff!


Showing Off Your Bingo Card  

You can send in as many bingos (standard five in a row, any direction) as you want, but you can only count each show on ONE card. That means you can probably only use space #13 (the free-ish one) on one of those cards, unless you really really have two favorite shows this summer.

You can create blackout using any of the shows you used for your other bingos, and any others too. Each show can only appear ONCE on your blackout card (with the exception of those in dot-shaded squares), but it doesn’t have to be used for the same square as you used it for regular bingo.

Blackouts will be eligible for something special. We don’t know what it is yet.

Email your bingo to NWTheatre.Bingo@gmail.com with subject line “Bingo — [full name]” or “Blackout — [full name].” You can’t change around what shows you’re using for which squares after sending this in, so you might want to hold off if you’re trying to do more than one bingo and be strategic in placement.

Include a card photo (especially if you colored it in all pretty!).


That’s all we know for now. Things subject to change. This isn’t a promise of anything or gambling or … whatever. Have fun.