Lola @ Can Can Culinary Cabaret (Seattle – Pike Place)

May 5, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

Inspired by the lyrics of Barry Manilow’s Grammy Award-winning song “Copacabana,” Can Can’s summer show masterfully blends gender bending comedy and flirtatous sex appeal.

It’s 1970 at the Copacabana where famed showgirl Lola and bartender Tony are on the fritz after a lengthy tumultuous affair. Lola’s fellow performers are caught in the middle of the relationship drama and torn between their loyalty to Lola and their drinking buddy, Tony. Rico the suave, womanizing flair bartender from Fuegos Mucho Caliente (the Copacabana’s rival restaurant) has caught wind of the break-up and plans his pursuit of Lola. When Tony hears of Rico and Lola’s entanglement, he crafts a plan to win Lola back. As Rico and Tony’s rivalry escalates, fate will decide who wins the hand of the prized showgirl.

Tickets (starting at $83-$126, depending on night) here.