Creation Lab 2022 @ Seattle Opera (Seattle Center – Mercer St. side)

June 10, 2022 @ 7:30 pm

New 20-minute works by three composer & librettist teams are the culmination of a multi-month development project, the Jane Lang Davis Creation Lab. Music directed by Paula Madrigal.

A Stranger at the Door
Music by Daniel JF Wolfert
Libretto by Hannah Nikka Odsinada

From the safety of their small, metal ark, two sisters–Anna and Miriam–anxiously brace for a cataclysmic flood. When they spot a stranger approaching on the horizon, Anna insists they offer them shelter; but Miriam fears letting a stranger on board. As the flood nears, the pair must grapple with old wounds and long-lingering grief in order to make their decision.

The Nightmare of Orpheus
Music by Daniel Whitworth
Libretto by Sheila Houlahan

This cyclical horror opera explores the Orpheus and Eurydice myth from a new perspective: as Orpheus navigates Hell in an attempt to save Eurydice, can he ultimately forgive himself for his failings as a partner? Is hell an absolute, or is it a subjective construct of our own creation?

The Dust Gets in Your Eyes
Music by Spencer Edgers
Libretto by Darby Sherwood

This short opera tells the story of two women living during the Dust Bowl who find moments of beauty amidst the struggles of hard times. The piece asks us to consider what these moments of perfection feel like and if they are enough to live on.

Location: Tagney Jones Hall (Seattle Center – Mercer St. side)

Tickets free (RSVP required) here.