Living Sculptures: Stone Dancers Take to the Trees

StoneDance created Wander/Wonder for the Price Sculpture Forest, where dancers became human embodiments, or at least interpreters, of individual art installations.

The one-afternoon-only event, featuring some of the Seattle area’s top dancers, performed August 19.


For the second year, StoneDance, the company of veteran dance-maker Eva Stone, unleashed a cohort of dancers on the Price Sculpture Forest. A vast-but-unassuming outdoor museum threaded throughout a wooded area in Coupeville, midway up Whidbey Island, the forest trails lead visitors on a circuitous route of art that often blends into its surroundings. For one afternoon, those pieces came to life in a unique way, as acclaimed dancers embodied them with fresh choreography and sound in short bursts.

Wander/Wonder‘s dancer-choreographers included some from Stone’s recent cohort in Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Next Step, itself a showcase of fresh and daring choreography by PNB’s company dancers, plus other accomplished Seattle-area dancers. Read NWT’s preview here

Performers and visual artists: Dancer Lorraine Constantine with You Too Can Be a Sculpture (DIY); Carol Davis with The Foundation of Animalia and Fungi (David D’Ostilio); Kyrin Grey with Cosmic Sail (Bill Wentworth); Zsilas Michael Hughes with Pentillium (Gary Gunderson); Julia Y. James with Points of Departure Act II (Boyang Yu); Kaelyn Lefferts with Tyrannosaurus Rex (Joe Treat); Una Ludviksen with Wind Shear (Jeff Kahn); Audrey Rachelle with Golden Pegasus (Elizabeth Berrien); James Kirby Rogers with Gorilla (Joe Treat); Mary Sigward with All Things Equal (Jennifer Kapnek); and dancer Leah Terada and musician Talia Toni Marcus with Sunrise / Sunset (Ivan Neaigus). 

Below are selected photos from the performances.

Photos by Chase D. Anderson for NWTheatre, except where noted.


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Take a tour of Price Sculpture Forest installations online here. Admission is free; open morning to sunset. 

Learn more about StoneDance here

Wander/Wonder from StoneDance performed from 1-3pm on 8/19 at Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville on Whidbey Island. Admission by donation. Event info here.

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