Stranger Danger Social Club @ Everett Improv (Everett)

January 9, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

A monthly social gathering of strangers doing fun silly sh*t together … with drink specials.

This is not an improv class. Stranger Danger is about getting out of the house, meeting new people, having fun on a weekday, trying something new and silly, or maybe even doing something you’ve done a million times, but in an interesting way or with a crazy twist. It will provide a social and interactive outlet like a book club or bowling league, but with no consistency in activity.

The offering of each night is a surprise, and not necessarily important. The SDSC is about building community, having fun IRL, meeting new people, and maybe a little self-growth when it comes to choosing to still have fun even when we are doing something we would never choose to do. We will have fun and laugh like sexy co-eds on spring break no matter what the activity is.

Second Monday of every month. The bar opens at 6pm, so you can come decompress with a drink before we get crazy if you want. The activity will be from 7pm – 9/9:30pm. And the bar will stay open until midnight for club members, so you don’t have to leave when the activity is over.

Location: Everett Improv (2610 Colby Ave)

Tickets ($7) here.