Amy Poisson


Macha’s ‘Fifth Wave’ Is Ready for Battle – But Which One?

A world premiere play from two local playwrights has a somewhat muddled message. But its captivating production and ample discussion fodder make it worth your time. ‘The Fifth Wave’ runs through February 27 at Macha Theatre Works. 

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‘Blood Water Paint’ Layers Artistry, Sexism, Violence, and Resilience Into a Vivid Portrait

Weaving disparate stories and art forms into one cohesive work, the latest from Macha Theatre Works makes for an inventive and beautiful play — and a fitting ode to an artist known for her vivid paintings. ‘Blood Water Paint’ runs through October 6.

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5 Questions with Playwright & Novelist Joy McCullough

‘Blood Water Paint’ imagines the great 17th century Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi in her studio, interacting with the apocryphal subjects who inspired her. NWT talked with playwright Joy McCullough about the work, ahead of the play’s opening this Friday with Macha Theatre Works.

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