Tribes – Tacoma Arts Live @ Theater on the Square (Tacoma)

November 4, 2021 @ 7:30 pm

By Nina Raine

Hearing does not mean understanding.

We inherit our first tribe, the family. Our tribe speaks their own language, both literally and emotionally. Billy was born deaf into a hearing family, but raised to fit into the hearing world. Her parents and siblings fiercely cling to their funny, quirky, and politically incorrect world-views, but, Billy has adapted brilliantly to her family’s unconventional ways. And yet they’ve never bothered to return the favor. It’s not until she meets Sylvia, a young woman on the brink of deafness, that she finally understands what it means to be understood, to be seen, to be honored. Comic twists mix with charged emotions in a play that universally speaks to all of us. Billy is played by deaf actress, Michelle Mary Schaefer. ASL interpretation is deeply integrated into each performance.

Location: Theater on the Square (Tacoma – downtown)

Tickets ($19+) here.