Tia Naché: That Talk You Do @ Acts on Stage (White Center)

A one-woman show by award-winning poet and spoken word artist Tia Naché Fields-Yarborough, who weaves reflections into revelations as she performs an homage to Seattle, Blackness, Womanhood, and Faith.

In collaboration with the Black-owned and -operated community theatre Acts On Stage, Tia Naché unpacks 20 years of poetic lyricism and rhetoric to create a dynamic one-act theater experience that will leave audiences volleying between nostalgia, reflection, and activistic angst while erupting with laughter, amens, and uncontrollable head bobs to the part gospel part hip hop soundtrack of her life. Tia is transcendent, powerful, non-rhetorical, and that good girlfriend everybody needs at least once in their life.

Location: Acts on Stage (10806 12th Ave SW, White Center)

Tickets ($33) here.