The Emerald City Slasher – Jet City Improv @ Theatre Off Jackson (Seattle – Int’l Dist) (PWYC)

October 13, 2022 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Directed by Mario Orallo-Molinaro

An improvised PMW murder mystery!

The Emerald City is a rainy metropolis, with lush greenery, strong vegan coffee, and a booming tech community. Traffic is terrible, but it doesn’t matter when you are staring at the reddish orange sunlight in the evening. USA Today called “Emerald City” the next San Francisco yet more sad.” But when the city is besieged with a serial killer on the loose, it changes the DNA of the community.

Join us for an improvised PNW murder mystery where you create the characters and follow them as they find out who the menace is or if they’re the next victim of… The Emerald City SLASHER! The killer’s identity will be different with every performance! Mwahaha.

Pay-what-you-choose ($0-$25) tickets available for this performance, here.