Residency Open House with Saira Barbaric @ Base (Seattle – Georgetown)

Base Resident Artist Saira Barbaric (they/ he/ she/ ze) is a multidisciplinary, gender-blending hedonist creature in a thicc Black disabled human suit. His work exists in mediums and venues considered both high and low art with the aim of weakening the barrier between the two. Across discipline, Saira explores mythologies, sex, Afro Psychedelic dreams, ritual objects and glitch aesthetics as digital expressionism. The way to arch his back and bounce that fat was never shown to him. He twerked with enthusiasm before he ever saw Big Freedia and felt so validated when he did. Saira wants to explore the roots of twerk and sensual club dances to see how they connect with traditional African movement and ritual.

Please join us at Base on Saturday October 15 at 10am for Saira Barbaric’s Base Residency Open House. Enjoy a morning of tasty bites accompanied by art, discussion and a dance film premiere with Saira Barbaric. As their final output within the Base Residency program, Saira’s excited to share their new work and their research.

Seating is limited– please reserve a free ticket in advance

Tickets (free) here.