Who We Are, How We Failed, What We Wore – Portable Performance Festival @ 18th & Union (Seattle – Central District)

September 9, 2022 @ 8:30 pm

Written & performed by Claire Koleske and Roland Carette-Meyers

Dress for the job you want, the dream you want, the life you’re slipping into. Claire and Roland perform a storytelling duet, tracing through a handful of the most important costumes (and dreams) of their lives growing up in the 90’s and then coming of age in the 2010s.

Part of the Portable Performance Festival (Sept. 8-24) — A festival of solo storytelling and minimalist performance, with 24 different shows spread over 33 performances in 2.5 weeks, incorporating over 100 artists. The festival seeks to recommit to 18th & U’s original spirit and vision, inviting a new batch of creators to share their fresh “portable” work with new and returning audiences.

Tickets ($10-$50 per show, sliding scale available to all) and festival info here.