Solos & Dance Party (Shorts Block) – Portable Performance Festival @ 18th & Union (Seattle – Central District)

Dinosaur Arms
How a son’s diagnosis of autism saved his life.
Written and performed by Tracy Leigh

Death & Memes
A show about a meme, a picture of a crab named Reginald who shows up every alternating Tuesday.
Written and performed by Maddy Nibble

The Prescription
A humorously strange and ultimately gentle play about filling a prescription at a big box store.
Written by Christine Deavel. Featuring Cecelia Frye, Mariah Lee Squires, Meleesa Wyatt

Giddyup metal disco fizz + cat jokes by post-punk professionals.
SkullKat is Angelina & Kat + guest artists

Part of the Portable Performance Festival (Sept. 8-24) — A festival of solo storytelling and minimalist performance, with 24 different shows spread over 33 performances in 2.5 weeks, incorporating over 100 artists. The festival seeks to recommit to 18th & U’s original spirit and vision, inviting a new batch of creators to share their fresh “portable” work with new and returning audiences.

Tickets ($10-$50 per show, sliding scale available to all) and festival info here.