Four Black Women Talking – Portable Performance Festival @ 18th & Union (Seattle – Central District)

September 17, 2022 @ 3:30 pm

Written by Jaye Ware

This powerful event dispels the myth that all Black women encounter the same forms of racism and discrimination. Four Black Women Talking, raised in four different parts of the Country, discuss events and situations from their personal lives that are not in text books or shared in speeches.

The challenges were different, the reasons were the same, their perseverance and accomplishments inspiring, encouraging, uplifting, and a testament to all women facing adversity that we can overcome.

Singer Ashanti Proctor, with vocals ranging from gospel to opera, will sing excerpts of songs meaningful to each presenter. You will clap, laugh, be moved, and possibly shed a tear together.

Jo Lute-Ervin
Helen Collier
Minnie Collins
Jaye Ware
Ashanti Proctor, vocalist

Part of the Portable Performance Festival (Sept. 8-24) — A festival of solo storytelling and minimalist performance, with 24 different shows spread over 33 performances in 2.5 weeks, incorporating over 100 artists. The festival seeks to recommit to 18th & U’s original spirit and vision, inviting a new batch of creators to share their fresh “portable” work with new and returning audiences.

Tickets ($10-$50 per show, sliding scale available to all) and festival info here.