Pork Filled Productions: She Devil of the China Seas @ Theatre Off Jackson (Seattle – International District)

August 13, 2022 @ 8:00 pm

By Roger W. Tang
Directed by Kiefer Harrington

Tse knew one thing: survival. She clawed her way up, using any means possible to aid her injured sister, Hei. But when China’s pirate king, Zhang Ngoi, offers her a chance for more, the sorceress Moh and her dark forces gather to destroy her before she can even accept…and fulfill a destiny from the gods!

Fielding one of the largest Asian American casts in recent Puget Sound history, She Devil is based on the real-life figure, Zhang Tse, history’s most successful pirate. Also known as Ching Shih, Zhang Yi and Ching Yi Saou, she defeated both Imperial Chinese and European fleets in her spectacular career in the 19th Century.

Closed captioning available at 8/20 & 8/26 performances. Sensory relaxed performance 8/21 (matinee). See info here.

Tickets $10-$50 (sliding scale available for all) here.