PlayCraft Originals (staged readings) @ Key City Public Theatre (Port Townsend)

PlayCraft Originals: a behind-the-scenes look at potential plays for future seasons at KCPT. See readings with a cast of actors (both new and familiar) as we delve into innovative work like you’ve never seen before.

Tickets ($10-$55, sliding scale available to all) here.


Phantom of the Forest, a Mountain Man Musical (on 5/25 and 5/28)
by Linda Dowdell & Jessica Welsh

In turn-of-the 20th century Washington state, amidst the green moss and towering evergreens of the Olympic Peninsula, lived the notorious hermit outlaw John Tornow – known as the “Wild Man of the Wynoochee.” From 1912-1913, Tornow became subject of the longest manhunt in state history – wanted for the murders of six men, including his twin nephews. His greatest crime, though, was being different – a man who was more at home in the wilderness than civilization. A classic outcast protagonist whose story has resonated with many Washingtonians over the years, Tornow was a controversial character who is a villain to some and folk hero to others. Though our musical is inspired by true events that took place more than 100 years ago, its themes are hugely relevant in light of its subject matter dealing with the tragic effects of gun violence on communities, discrimination based on differences, fake news and more. Our hope is that through this musical, we can create a powerful, thought-provoking work of art that sparks meaningful dialogue and inspires positive change.


A Mystery Carol (showing 5/25 only)
by Doug Given

Ebenezer Scrooge meets Sherlock Holmes in this hilarious holiday hodgepodge of humbug and hugger-mugger.


Living IncogNegro (showing 5/28 only)
by Gin Hammond

When your cultural identity is one thing, but your physical identity is another, how do you navigate self-expression? When do the words, rhythms, and landscapes of your speech enhance rapport with those around you, and when does it confuse or cause aggression? What effect does that have on the soul inside the skin? Living IncogNegro is both a humorous love-letter, and an academic discourse, dedicated to those who find themselves in the middle of a cultural battle they never asked for.