Nyx and the Long Night @ Olympia Family Theater (Olympia)

December 11, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

Co-created by Emily McHugh, Donald Palardy, and Lily Raabe
Directed by Luz Gaxiola

Co-production with String & Shadow Puppet Theater

An original winter folk myth

Once upon a time there were two sisters: Sol, a child of Day, and Luna, a child of Night. Every day they played a game of catch in the sky, tossing the sun and the moon between them. Everything changed the day they dropped the sun. Now, the world has been dark for a very long time – an endless winter solstice. Perhaps a young woman named Nyx will be the answer. Part girl, part tree, and raised under the light of the stars, her magic and courage might just save the world.

Tickets $5-$35 (sliding scale available for all) here.