Monologues of n Women @ Theatre 4 (Seattle Center)

September 18, 2022 @ 2:00 pm

A new devised theatre piece by Chinese and Chinese-American women.

This is an independent theatre reflecting the realities of modern Chinese women. This is a combination of social news and personal experiences, the voices of numerous women; they are her, they are you, they are me, and they are us.

This is a devised theatre combining poetry, choreography, music, and drama. Devised Theater is all about freedom and flexibility. In traditional theatre, playwriting comes before the acting. Devised theatre is reverse. Actors’ life experience is conceptualized and developed into a new reality, the play.

Note: For any non English speaking content, English subtitles will be provided.

Location: Seattle Center Armory (305 Harrison St.), top floor

Tickets ($27) here.