Miracle on 34th Street @ Red Curtain Foundation for the Arts (Marysville)

November 27, 2022 @ 2:00 pm

Adapted and directed by Red Curtain’s artistic director, Scott B Randall, this “modern radio play” is set in December 2020. When Jessie’s elderly father goes into the hospital with COVID, her theatre friends gather on a video call to cheer her and her daughter, Kara, by doing a sort of readers’ theatre performance over Zoom. Being performers, the story is a mix of the true story (as portrayed in the classic movie), improvised lines, and pop culture references, sure to help bring out the feelings of closeness and joy associated with the season.

In this fully-staged production, we’ll see each character in their own “homes,” plus the projected Zoom call high above the stage. This is a unique way to present the classic tale of friendship tinged with holiday magic, perfect for the entire family.

Tickets ($23) here.