Mangrove Park (reading) @ Seattle Public Theater (Seattle – Green Lake)

April 8, 2023 @ 2:00 pm

Maita lives with her boyfriend Nat in a trailer park named Mangrove Park that’s located near the Eastern Coast of Florida. Maita moved to that area several years ago to look for her missing sister, but over time the daily struggles to stay afloat have monopolized her attention. Maita’s best friend and the Mangrove Park manager, Valerie, often lends the young couple a hand as they try to survive.

Now all three face a new threat as a hurricane bears down on them. They are joined by Nat’s father, Jude, as they are forced to ride out the storm in the old trailer. Is this coming hurricane a real storm or could it be the wrathful spirit of Maita’s missing sister? Will this group form a new, unlikely family or will they do more damage than any storm could? And what’s with all the loaves of bread?

By Brendan Healy, directed by Jose Amador.

Tickets (free) here.