Making Waves: I’ll Teach You How to Flow & Ghosts of Living Flesh – Sound Theatre Company @ 12th Avenue Arts

Double-bill of new work from Young Hot Thespian and Annie Jankovic

Young Hot Thespian: I’ll Teach You How to Flow, a play reading. If Shakespeare was in the URL would he be undefeated?

Annie Jankovic: Ghosts of Living Flesh, a one-act play. Two young diabetic women meet in an endocrinologist’s waiting room – one at the beginning of her diabetic journey, and one fearing she might be near the end. In this liminal space between life and death, each of them finds an unlikely friend and ally in the other. Because when you’re already a ghost in this life, what else do you have to lose?

Location: 12th Avenue Arts (Seattle – Capitol Hill)

Tickets ($5-$50, sliding scale) and show info here.