Live! From the Last Night of My Life (Theatre22) (online)

April 11, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

One-time streaming of three-camera, professionally edited archival video from the theatre’s 2015 production.

Doug Sample is a man who has decided his experiment with life has, for all intents and purposes, failed. He has achieved nothing, accomplished nothing, and has nothing except his graveyard shift at a local gas station and Mini-Mart. He has decided that the best thing for everyone would be if he shot himself in the head, and he is planning to do it right in front of the Mini-Mart’s security cameras at the end of this, his last shift.

But before the night is over, Doug will be visited by his past, his present, his possible futures and some particularly annoying customers as he struggles with some of life’s most challenging questions like, “Why should I go on?”, “What does it all mean?”, and perhaps most importantly, “Did I remember to change the cherry syrup in the Slushie Machine?”

Written and directed by Wayne Rawley.

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