La Befana – MALACARNE (online only)

January 5, 2022 @ 9:00 am

This is our second celebration of La Befana, and something that we hope to continue as an annual tradition, to connect with all of you near and far. As an Italian and American dance company, we created this event to honor the Italian folk story of La Befana, an old ugly and mean witch who travels on a broom bringing coal and sweets to the children on the night of the Epiphany. This story has pre-Christian pagan roots, a celebration of the old witch of winter, and the final harvest; a tradition of sweeping away the old year, to start anew. In this tradition, we hope to reimagine La Befana and honor her story.

We are thrilled to share our incredible lineup for the show.

Featuring film performances from:

Sharon Estacio (Italy/USA), Kaitlin McCarthy (Seattle), Bird (Philadelphia), Allison Burke (Chicago), Opulent Witch (Portland), Suzette Sagisi (Berlin), Sara Maurizi (London/Italy), Porscha Shaw (Seattle), Dominique See (Seattle), and Corrie Befort (Rural Palouse, WA)

With original music from:

Lia Kohl (Chicago) and Leanna Keith (Seattle)

And illustration by Margaret Luxamon Hotchkiss (Seattle)

Tickets ($0+, sliding scale) here. Two showings (9am and 7pm).