Java Tacoma: To Bean or Not to Bean @ Dukesbay Theater (Tacoma)

October 16, 2022 @ 2:00 pm

By Aya Hashiguchi Clark
Directed by Randy Clark

To Bean or Not to Bean is the eighth and final installment of an original sitcom for the stage that began in 2011, presented by Dukesbay Productions. This theatrical serial is generously peppered with local Tacoma humor.

Jeri, Kate and Linda join forces one last time to commit comic mayhem over at Tacoma’s Perky’s Coffee House. This time, the ladies do battle once again with an unscrupulous real estate investor over the ownership of the historic building that houses Perky’s. Watch as the BFFs team up with family members and newfound friends to outwit the business mogul at his own double dealing game. And maybe, they’ll find a happy ending to their own stories. Loosely inspired by William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Java Tacoma is a celebration of friendship, middle-aged womanhood and All Things Tacoma.

Location: upstairs at the Merlino Art Center (508 – 6th Ave.)

Tickets ($15) here.