[POSTPONED – THIS SHOW DATE IS CANCELLED] Faye Driscoll – Thank You For Coming: Space @ On the Boards (Seattle – Lower Queen Anne)

January 23, 2022 @ 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm

Faye Driscoll’s Thank You For Coming: Space is the final performance in her celebrated Thank You For Coming series—which includes Attendance and Play. The trilogy summons the unnamed forces that surge between the viewer and the viewer in order to create a communal realm where our experiences are heightened and questioned. Driscoll considers theater one of the last secular social spaces, where the vulnerability and complexity of human interconnection is made palpable.

Space unfolds within an intimate installation, wired for sound and upheld by pulleys, ropes, and the weight of others, where Driscoll appears alone with the audience. Through an alchemy of body, object, voice, and live sound, she builds a moving requiem for the human body and conjures a world that is, like ourselves, alive and forever changeable. Space invites us to collectively confront life’s final flourishing, and tethers us to our potential for both the grotesque and the sublime.

Tickets ($32) here.