Dice: Romeo and Juliet – Dacha Theatre @ Sankofa Theatre (Seattle – International District)

April 8, 2022 @ 7:30 pm

Dacha is thrilled to produce the next iteration of our fast-paced, innovative “Dice” series — an original format in which a small ensemble of actors memorize the entire script of a classic play. At each performance, the audience rolls dice to determine who plays which part, and the show goes up! This time around, we’re applying the Dice format to Shakespeare’s “greatest love story of all time,” and celebrating how different Romeo & Juliet can be in each combination of our 10 actors.

We reimagine Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy as a vivid dream-turned-nightmare, with spectacular choreography, Dacha’s signature playful interaction with the audience, and a magnetic underscoring by a live band. Dice: Romeo & Juliet will be raucous, adrenaline-fueled, and heart-wrenching, as our brilliant actors roll the dice to fight and fall in love night after night.

Location: Sankofa Theatre, INScape Arts Building (815 Seattle Blvd S)

Please note that the Dice ensemble has 10 members, but only 7 are in any given show. If you’re hoping to see a specific performer, please check the performer schedule here.

Tickets $3-$55 (sliding scale available for all) here.