Dana Michel: Cutlass Spring @ On the Boards (Seattle – Lower Queen Anne)

May 19, 2022 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Inching towards uncensorship, engaging the infinite potential of everyday objects, Cutlass Spring  is, at once, a manifesto and a heated reflection, an ethnography of sexual understanding and an archaeology of desire.

Canadian artist Dana Michel disrupts audiences’ expectations through improvisation, comedy, hip-hop, and other methods of appropriation and collage. Michel explores physicality and stereotypical identity politics. As an artist, Michel creates requiems on art, the body, loss, human connectivity, and sexuality. Dana Michel last appeared at On the Boards in 2016 with Yellow Towel. This breakthrough performance referenced how, as a child, she draped a yellow towel on her head to emulate the blond girls at school. This memory sparked a ritualistic work mashing Black culture stereotypes into a fascinating alter-ego. Delving into multiple facets of human sexuality, Michel explores how cultural repression and her life as a performer, a mother, and a lover shape her sexual identity.

Tickets ($32) here.