Born Yesterday @ Theatre9/12 (Seattle – First Hill)

March 3, 2023 @ 8:00 pm

By Garson Kanin
Directed by Charles Waxberg

Born Yesterday is a scathing comedy about the idealism visualized in the United States Constitution corrupted by greed, ignorance, self-service, and disillusion shortly after World War II.

The self-made millionaire, Harry Brock, has thieved his way up the ladder to purchasing Senators. Paul Verral, an international journalist, sidles his way into Brock’s new Washington D.C. circle, endearing himself to the criminal who hires Paul to class up his main squeeze: a “showgirl” of great beauty and no desire to behave properly among the stuffed shirts, nor the effort needed to think.

Without altering text or era, Theatre9/12 re-interprets this hysterical play paralleling today’s events.

Location: Trinity Parish Hall (609 8th Ave); free parking in garage across the street.

Tickets (pay-what-you-choose for all) here.