NEVE and Rana San: Residency Open House @ Base (Seattle – Georgetown)

NEVE (they/(s)he) ) and Rana San (she/her) discovered their shared love of the ancient, ritualistic, and folkloric dances of their respective and related peoples during NEVE’s Wildest Dreams class at Velocity Dance Center in 2018. Together they responded to the oft-cited phrase “I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams” through dance improvisation, composition, collaborative experimentation, storytelling, and dream interpretation. For NEVE and Rana, it was love at first dance. They subscribe to the notion of a global indigeneity, of which they are a part. Their research will fuse Rana’s curiosity with the embodiment and expression of Anatolian folk dances and traditions in her waking and sleeping dreams with NEVE’s exploration of the ritual dance Zar which has roots in their native Sudan, Rana’s native Turkey, as well as Egypt, Ethiopia, and Iran.

Info and tickets (free) here.