Animal Saints & Animal Sinners: Cats! Cats! Cats! @ 18th & Union (Seattle – Central District)

July 7, 2022 @ 7:30 pm

Eccentric storytellers and hometown favorites Scot Augustson, Kelleen Conway Blanchard, and Bret Fetzer join forces for an evening of strange and delightful tales about animals — saints, sinners, and the moral spectrum in-between.

Scot Augustson continues his Lives of the Animal Saints series with The Visions of St. Alice. Alice was the sweetest little pussy cat you ever had the pleasure to meet. But by a curious chain of events, her hellish visions would change the course of history and set the whole damn world on fire.

Kelleen Conway Blanchard offers Serial Kitty. Jenny loved her cat. Her cat did not love Jenny. That’s the thing about cats. Just because you adore them doesn’t mean they return the affection. They don’t operate quid pro quo. She named her cat Mister Socks which wasn’t a point in her favor from the cat’s point of view since he was a regal dignified beast not some floppy silly kitten. Mister Socks was what you named your idiot dog, not your brilliant deadly cat. Mister Socks preferred to call himself simply Mister and he was a murderer.

Bret Fetzer tells the latest of his American fairy tales, The Cat Who Went to the Other Side. Like a coin, the world has two sides. When the little girl who looks after her ends up on the wrong side, a little cat arms herself with a bite of chocolate, a sip of whiskey, a single cigarette, and a deck of playing cards to get that little girl back.

Live stream version available for 7/9 early show.

Tickets ($10-$50, sliding scale available for all) here.