Acrobatic Conundrum 9: Thresholds @ 12th Avenue Arts (Seattle – Capitol Hill)

December 4, 2022 @ 6:00 pm

Acrobatic Conundrum creates technically rigorous, ensemble-based circus shows that seek to contribute to a more courageous and connected world. The Seattle based contemporary circus company takes up residence in the heart of Capitol Hill for the ninth installment of their adroitly curated cabaret, featuring a spate of phenomenal acts from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Aerial arts, cyr wheel, acrobatics, clown, musical performances and much more populate the performances.

A door defends. And beckons. It divides. And offers a way in. The circumstances change and an opening we took for granted is lost forever; meanwhile the unexpected saunters in through a window left ajar. In Vol. 9: Thresholds, nine acrobats somersault their way into liminal space, ready to knock on the portal to the unknown. Darting back and forth across the fourth wall, pursuing the thrill of the edge, and pausing only briefly with one hand poised on the knob, Acrobatic Conundrum shares its paean to the doorways of our lives and the opportunities they represent. Because when one door closes, a trapdoor opens.

Featuring: Emma Curtiss, Oliver Donaldson, Dream Frohe, Leah Jones, PJ Perry, Ivanna Wei, Duo Maria & Oli, Jody Poth, Gabby Leiva, and Terry Crane

Tickets ($39) here.