a white haunting – MAP Theatre @ 18th & Union (Seattle – Central District)

October 7, 2022 @ 7:30 pm

Written by Brian Dang
Directed by Zenaida Rose Smith

Darren has invited Tchai over to his home for the first time. They’re flirting, dancing, and discussing the morality of pineapple pizza when things start to go sour: the pizza person acts really weird; the power goes out; Tchai lets his nerves get to him; and last but not least, a masked intruder wielding an axe accidentally gets invited in.

a white haunting is a horror-comedy: unapologetically dark and witty, irreverent and uncomfortable . . . a “rom-com meets sociopolitical horror” that engages with the intersection of Queer, AAPI and Black identities.

Performed by Rhys Daly, Brandon Ryan, and Patrick Tolden

Tickets $10-$50 (sliding scale available for all), here.