The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest


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The Changing Scene is creating fringe theatre in Tacoma. 


Founded: 2002 

Artistic leadership: Pavlina Morris (Founding Artistic Director


Primary venue: Dukesbay Theater (Tacoma) 


The below information is provided by the theatre company. (All material is condensed & edited for clarity.)


Overview: Mission / Vision  

The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest is a cutting-edge fringe theatre dedicated to original works, unconventional productions, and innovative adaptations of the classics.

Mission: Insomuch as possible, to show only new, original, unproduced, or innovative works. Provide an atmosphere in which there is an intermingling and exchange of ideas and talents among artists. Provide a vehicle for the advancement of area artists, culture, education, and exposure of the arts throughout the area. 



Founded by Pavlina Morris as a springboard from the company’s namesake in Denver, The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest first produced in October 2002. The Changing Scene truly began living up to its name and became a nomadic theatrical company following the loss of their space in 2009, performing as guests at the Bremerton Eagles; renting space for a show at Bremerton Community Theatre; and performing in a distillery and during annual festivals and events all around Kitsap.

The Changing Scene now performs most frequently at the Dukesbay Theater in Tacoma, and has also performed in other venues in Tacoma, Centralia, and Seattle.

Recent and upcoming shows include:


Twelfth Night

Sublime Ridiculous 

Summerplay (annual series), September 6-21, 2019


Statement of financial accessibility 

The Changing Scene holds pay-what-you-can performances from time to time, and makes accommodations whenever possible. It does not want anyone to miss a show because they cannot afford admission.