Strawberry Theatre Workshop


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Strawberry Theatre Workshop creates ensemble-based, professional theatre as a founding resident company of 12th Avenue Arts. 


Founded: 2003 

Artistic leadership: Greg Carter (Founding Artistic Director


Primary venue: 12th Avenue Arts   


The below information is provided by the theatre company. (All material is condensed & edited for clarity.)


Overview: Mission / Vision  

Strawberry Theatre Workshop (aka Strawshop) is committed to the idea that the theatre is the people’s place of aspiration, and that any voice from the stage is translated exponentially into conversations at coffee shops, bus stops, classrooms, and play fields.

Strawshop is dedicated to the idea of ensemble, in the broadest sense of the word. Strawshop’s ensemble does not only mean a resident company of workers, but a collective that includes its work, its audience, and its neighborhood. This is an activist stance. To be a good neighbor is to be a relevant neighbor, a responsible neighbor, and a vocal neighbor.



Strawberry Theatre Workshop is an award-winning Seattle theatre company founded in 2003 by Greg Carter, associated with a movement to improve wages for professional theatre artists. Strawshop is committed to paying all of its artists a dignified wage. 


Recent and upcoming shows include:


Take Me Out

The Pavilion, October 10-November 9, 2019

Our Country’s Good, January 23-February 22, 2020


Statement of centering underrepresented voices & stories 

Does your company center underrepresented voices in your decision-making processes? If so, how?

Decision-making is collaborative within a diverse collection of artists and administrators.


Statement of financial accessibility 

Strawshop makes 10 Gold Tickets available to all, for $10 advance purchase.